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ACPO comments on the latest police service strength statistics

26 Jan 2012

Latest Home Office statistics show that there were 136,261 police officers (full-time equivalent) as of 30 September 2011 in the 43 territorial police forces of England and Wales. This represents a decline of 6,012 when compared with September 2010.


ACPO comment on HMIC report - The crime scene: a review of police crime and incident reports

25 Jan 2012

The UK is regarded as having one of the most rigorous crime recording regimes in the world and it is encouraging that this review by HMIC demonstrates that national crime statistics are more robust than ever


Courts issued with new guidelines for sentencing drug offenders

24 Jan 2012

Today the Sentencing Council has published a new definitive guideline on drug offences. It will bring sentencing guidance together for the first time to help to ensure consistent and proportionate sentencing for all drug offences that come before courts in England and Wales.


More than 7,000 arrested during ACPO Christmas drink and drug driving campaign

20 Jan 2012

More than 7,200 people were arrested in the month-long Christmas and New Year campaign targeting drink and drug drivers, ACPO lead for Roads Policing, Deputy Chief Constable Suzette Davenport revealed today.


ACPO comment on quarterly crime statistics for the year ending September 2011

19 Jan 2012

Today's published crime data shows police recorded crime for the 12 months to September 2011 is down 4% when compared to the previous 12 months

shows police recorded crime for the 12 months to June 2011 is down four per cent when compared with the previous 12 months


ACPO comments on British Retail Consortium's statistics on retail crime

16 Jan 2012

ACPO lead for economic crime, Commissioner Adrian Leppard, responds to BRC statistics showing an increased level of organised crime affecting the retail sector


Audit into the retention of human tissue

13 Jan 2012

ACPO is coordinating an audit of human tissue previously retained as part of suspicious death and homicide cases so as to establish the current situation in terms of police holdings.


Police service across the UK welcomes land based location equipment becoming lawful

12 Jan 2012

From today, people can lawfully use personal locator beacons on land to assist search and rescue teams' efforts to find them.


New non emergency number for the police

11 Jan 2012

The public in England and Wales now have a new non emergency number to call if they want to speak to their local police force.


ACPO comment on the number of racist complaints about police officers and staff

10 Jan 2012

ACPO responds to figures from an Freedom of Information request showing an increase in the number of complaints received about racism among police officers and staff


ACPO comment on the Police Arbitration Tribunal decision

09 Jan 2012

The final decision on police pay and conditions rests with the Home Secretary following a ruling by the Police Arbitration Tribunal today


ACPO comment on the police service eighteen years after Stephen Lawrence's murder

04 Jan 2012

The murder of Stephen Lawrence and its investigation had a profound impact on the police service and transformed how we serve our communities.


ACPO comment on statistics on football-related arrests and banning orders

23 Dec 2011

UK policing has led the way in dealing with football-related violence and disorder and the effectiveness of banning orders has drawn interest from police forces internationally as an effective method of reducing disorder at football matches


ACPO update on metal theft day of action on 14th December 2011

22 Dec 2011

The most recent national day of action to combat metal theft saw 400 scrap dealers being visited, the arrest of 45 people and the recovery of 14 tonned of suspected stolen cable.


ACPO comment on HMIC's report: The rules of engagement: A review of the August 2011 disorders

20 Dec 2011

ACPO President, Sir Hugh Orde, comments on HMIC's review of public order policing following the disorder in August 2011


2011 joint Christmas message

19 Dec 2011

The President, Police Superintendents’ Association of England & Wales, Chairman, Police Federation of England and Wales and President of ACPO joint Christmas message to the service


ACPO comment on Home Affairs Committee report on policing large scale disorder

18 Dec 2011

ACPO responds to the Home Affairs Committee report on policing large scale disorder following the criminality and violence seen in August 2011


ACPO comment on IPCC report on Police Complaints: statistics for England and Wales 2010/11

16 Dec 2011

ACPO lead for complaints and misconduct welcomes IPCC report into complaints and encourages the public to continue to come forward


ACPO response to Home Secretary announcement about police professional body

15 Dec 2011

The Home Secretary has announced that a new police professional body to support all police officers and civilian policing professionals will be set up next year.


ACPO response to Home Secretary request to identify stop and search best practice

15 Dec 2011

Home Secretary Theresa May, whilst talking about police tactics and community relations asked ACPO to look at best practice in stop and search.


National day of action to target metal theft

14 Dec 2011

Police forces across the country are joining with Government and other agencies to tackle metal theft this Christmas


ACPO comment on government consultation on domestic abuse

14 Dec 2011

Clarifying a single domestic abuse definition for use by statutory partners is important for ensuring a consistent approach in recognising and understanding the breadth of abuse experienced by victims and their families


ACPO comment on HMIC police integrity report “Without Fear of Favour”

13 Dec 2011

Leadership has always been an important part of tackling police corruption and the service has worked hard to identify threats and put preventive measures in place


ACPO comment on report assessing financial crime against vulnerable adults

13 Dec 2011

ACPO lead for vulnerable adult abuse comments on a report into economic crime and vulnerable adults, which has been written by City of London Police and commissioned and funded by ACPO, Home Office and the Department of Health.


ACPO response to Reading the Riots report

05 Dec 2011

The Guardian has released its report into August's riots, including interviews with people involved in the disturbances.


ACPO comment on police use of Taser

01 Dec 2011

ACPO lead for Taser comments on figures showing an increased use of the device by police officers


ACPO Christmas drink and drug driving campaign starts today

01 Dec 2011

Today sees the launch of the ACPO Christmas drink and drug driving campaign, with officers throughout the UK carrying out thousands of tests on drivers.


ACPO comment on the UK Cyber Security Strategy

25 Nov 2011

The UK Cyber Security Strategy outlines proposals for how the service will continue to develop e-crime capabilities through the new National Crime Agency, as well as supporting the service through improved training to officers and staff to help combat the problem


Response to the National Action Plan: Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation

23 Nov 2011

ACPO lead for child protection and abuse investigation says protecting children from harm is a key concern for the police and work has been undertaken to improve our ability to detect and target child sexual offenders


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