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New powers given to police to protect victims of stalking

19 Jan 2020

New powers given to police to protect victims of stalking: victim-2

New stalking protection orders come into force tomorrow (January 20) that will enable police to better protect victims of stalking and stop perpetrators from approaching their victims.


National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Stalking and Harassment, Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills said:

“Stalking is a serious and prevalent crime, which can have a devastating effect on the lives of victims and those around them. The police service remains committed to do all that it can to bring offenders to justice and safeguard victims. The introduction of Stalking Protection Orders is an important step in the response to these crimes.

“The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) welcomes the introduction of Stalking Protection Orders today. The orders will offer another tool for the police service and the courts to help improve the safety of stalking victims. Orders allow courts to impose prohibitive conditions and positive requirements to tackle the root causes of offenders’ behaviour. 

“We would urge anyone who believes they are subject of stalking to come forward at the earliest opportunity so we can work with them to protect them.”