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Head of Counter Terrorism Policing issues open letter about reporting of terrorism

20 Mar 2019

Yesterday, Survivors Against Terror’s Brendan Cox wrote a powerful piece for the Evening Standard about the effect that the mass media can have in promoting terrorism, its perpetrators and whatever vile ideology inspires them.

Counter Terrorism Policing statement following terror attack in New Zealand

15 Mar 2019

Police have stepped up reassurance patrols in London and across the UK as they continue to engage with communities of all faiths following the horrific attacks in New Zealand.

New funding will help forces strengthen our response to knife crime

13 Mar 2019

Today the Chancellor, during the Spring Statement, announced an additional £100 million in funding to policing for 2019/20 to tackle knife crime.

All police forces join week long knife crime operation

11 Mar 2019

All police forces will be intensifying their work against knife crime this week as a national operation gets underway which will see forces use a range of tactics like intelligence led stop and search and weapons sweeps.

Counter Terrorism Policing ask private sector to play more active role in delivery of Prevent

06 Mar 2019

Counter Terrorism Policing’s National Coordinator for Prevent has called upon the private sector to play a more active role in delivering the government’s deradicalisation programme.

Chief constables meeting with the Home Secretary about violent crime "constructive"

06 Mar 2019

Police chiefs met the Home Secretary today to talk about what more can be done to stop young people dying on our streets.

Local policing recognises outstanding officers and staff

06 Mar 2019

Police officers and staff gathered last night at the 2019 Local Policing Awards to celebrate the innovative and valuable work that is undertaken daily throughout local policing.

Rising violence and the tragic loss of young lives

04 Mar 2019

Police chiefs are meeting the Home Secretary this week to talk about what more can be done to stop young people dying on our streets, days after further violence in London and Greater Manchester.

Home Office approves request for student officers to carry Taser

01 Mar 2019

The Home Office has approved an NPCC request for probationers to carry a Taser if they meet strict training standards set by the College of Policing. 

Officer wellbeing vitally important, say police chiefs

13 Feb 2019

The Police Federation has published its demand, capacity and welfare survey. It questioned more than 18,000 officers for their views on demand and how it has affected them

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