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Counter Terrorism Policing asks music fans to #BeSafeBeSound this summer

07 Jun 2019

As festival season begins, Counter Terrorism Policing wants music lovers to #BeSafeBeSound this summer.


Police seize more than 10,000 knives in one week

30 May 2019

A week of intensified action on knife crime has resulted in police arresting 1,372 people, including 516 for a knife related offence, and seizing more than 10,000 weapons.


Police chiefs guide officers to impose bail conditions protecting victims and vulnerable people

27 May 2019

New operational guidance has been issued to officers and staff reinforcing pre-charge bail as a legitimate tool in investigating crime and protecting the public following a decrease its use since 2017.


Hundreds arrested and £300k cash seized as part of national activity targeting County Lines drug gangs

21 May 2019

County Lines drug gangs have been targeted in a week of coordinated law enforcement activity across the UK, leading to more than 500 arrests, £312,649 cash and 46 weapons seized.


NPCC lead for Counter Terrorism calls for changes to proposed definition of Islamophobia

15 May 2019

I have every sympathy with those people trying to protect British Muslims against a rising tide of prejudice and hatred. 


Blog: Protecting those who protect us

09 May 2019

Our friends at Police Care UK have released the largest ever study of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma within serving officers and staff. It analyses more than 17,000 responses and was led by Dr. Jess Miller, who knows her stuff when it comes to understanding how trauma exposure affects our brains.


Police and prosecutors invite victim groups to discuss concerns about new consent form

03 May 2019

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and College of Policing have invited concerned organisations and individuals to help shape new processes to bring consistency to the way investigators search for relevant information on the digital devices of complainants and witnesses. 


Terror survivors call for businesses and religious organisations to help protect UK from attacks

02 May 2019

Terror survivors have called for businesses and religious organisations to complete Counter Terrorism training to help protect the UK from future attacks.


NPCC respond to HMICFRS PEEL spotlight report

02 May 2019

The latest PEEL spotlight report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue (HMICFRS) shows forces in general are offering a good level of service, but are doing so under significant pressure.


Progress update in meeting the disclosure challenge

29 Apr 2019

Progress in meeting the challenges faced by disclosure has been put under the spotlight today as the latest update on the National Improvement Plan is published.


Police Chiefs' Blog: Martin Hewitt – Chief Constables Council April 2019

26 Apr 2019

Last week saw a key early milestone in my tenure as chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) as we held Chief Constables’ Council in Manchester. Council brings together the leadership of the service and is our senior decision-making forum.


Crime statistics: Police committed to bringing violence down

25 Apr 2019

The ONS have released their latest quarterly crime statistics for the 12 months to December 2018. They indicate that overall levels of crime and violence are stable, with an continued, but smaller, rise in offences involving knives, and a decrease in firearms offences.


Dedicated Cybercrime Units Get Million Pound Cash Injection

11 Apr 2019

The NPCC National Cybercrime Programme has announced that every police force in England and Wales now has a dedicated cybercrime unit in place thanks to a multi-million-pound investment from the Government.


Police are well prepared for a potential no-deal EU Exit

04 Apr 2019

Police have prepared for a range of scenarios in the event of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal, including planning for potential protest, crime and emergencies.


New NPCC Chair takes seat

01 Apr 2019

Martin Hewitt takes up his position as Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council today (April 1 2019). The NPCC enables independent chief constables and their forces to work together to improve policing for the public.


Head of Counter Terrorism Policing issues open letter about reporting of terrorism

20 Mar 2019

Yesterday, Survivors Against Terror’s Brendan Cox wrote a powerful piece for the Evening Standard about the effect that the mass media can have in promoting terrorism, its perpetrators and whatever vile ideology inspires them.


Counter Terrorism Policing statement following terror attack in New Zealand

15 Mar 2019

Police have stepped up reassurance patrols in London and across the UK as they continue to engage with communities of all faiths following the horrific attacks in New Zealand.


New funding will help forces strengthen our response to knife crime

13 Mar 2019

Today the Chancellor, during the Spring Statement, announced an additional £100 million in funding to policing for 2019/20 to tackle knife crime.


All police forces join week long knife crime operation

11 Mar 2019

All police forces will be intensifying their work against knife crime this week as a national operation gets underway which will see forces use a range of tactics like intelligence led stop and search and weapons sweeps.


Counter Terrorism Policing ask private sector to play more active role in delivery of Prevent

06 Mar 2019

Counter Terrorism Policing’s National Coordinator for Prevent has called upon the private sector to play a more active role in delivering the government’s deradicalisation programme.


Chief constables meeting with the Home Secretary about violent crime "constructive"

06 Mar 2019

Police chiefs met the Home Secretary today to talk about what more can be done to stop young people dying on our streets.


Local policing recognises outstanding officers and staff

06 Mar 2019

Police officers and staff gathered last night at the 2019 Local Policing Awards to celebrate the innovative and valuable work that is undertaken daily throughout local policing.


Rising violence and the tragic loss of young lives

04 Mar 2019

Police chiefs are meeting the Home Secretary this week to talk about what more can be done to stop young people dying on our streets, days after further violence in London and Greater Manchester.


Home Office approves request for student officers to carry Taser

01 Mar 2019

The Home Office has approved an NPCC request for probationers to carry a Taser if they meet strict training standards set by the College of Policing. 


Officer wellbeing vitally important, say police chiefs

13 Feb 2019

The Police Federation has published its demand, capacity and welfare survey. It questioned more than 18,000 officers for their views on demand and how it has affected them


Police chiefs ask independent police pay body to consider a three-year deal for officers

12 Feb 2019

For the first time, police chiefs have asked the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) to consider a three rather than one year pay deal to give officers a bigger upfront pay increase.


New unit ready to help UK police cooperate with the EU in event of no deal exit

11 Feb 2019

The unit will assist UK police officers to use alternative mechanisms to share and access information about criminals and cooperate on operations if current EU law enforcement tools are lost.


Police Chiefs' Blog: CC Simon Cole - Independent review of Prevent is the time for hard fact, not twisted fiction

05 Feb 2019

The recent announcement of an independent review of Prevent was a welcome one to me and, most likely, to other Prevent practitioners up and down the country.


First UK FGM conviction shows police commitment to pursue those responsible

01 Feb 2019

The mother of a three year old girl has been found guilty of female genital mutilation after a trial at the Old Bailey.


Police given new powers to battle knife crime

31 Jan 2019

The Government will seek to amend the Offensive Weapons Bill to introduce Knife Crime Prevention Orders.


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