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Call for one million town and city workers to help tackle terror threat

20 Apr 2016

A new initiative launched today aims to get staff based in busy areas across the UK to play a part in protecting against attacks - and show them what to do in the rare event of a major incident unfolding.


Forces committed to increasing the number of stalkers who face prosecution

18 Apr 2016

Stalking and harassment can have a devastating effect on victims' lives and we remain focused and committed to improving training, guidance and our overall response.


Animal welfare and enforcement

11 Apr 2016

The police, local authorities and animal welfare charities seek to work together to deal with serious cruelty to animals. However, there are inconsistencies and we welcome the Committee for Environment Food and Rural Affairs' inquiry into the welfare of domestic pets. 


We believe that amendments to bail conditions should apply to all crimes

06 Apr 2016

While any increase in the powers we have to protect the public would be welcome, we believe that the amendment should apply to all bail conditions - not just those relating to travel offences for suspected terrorists. 


NPCC responds to staff long term sickness and stress

05 Apr 2016

We are working with chief constables and the College of Policing to build wellbeing and resilience. We want our workforce to thrive in this incredibly rewarding job.  


Extra armed police to deal with terrorist threat

01 Apr 2016

Police in England and Wales are starting to train around 1,500 extra firearms officers to help protect the public from terrorism.


Police working with the NHS to tackle anti-social behaviour

31 Mar 2016

The NHS have today launched the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS). This empowers NHS organisations to deal more decisively with anti-social behaviour and under CSAS, chief police officers can delegate limited powers to accredited persons within NHS organisations to help tackle anti-social behaviour in partnership with the police.


Children in care: We must get our response to this most vulnerable group right

30 Mar 2016

The Howard League for Penal Reform have today published a report, Criminal care: Children's homes and criminalising children, looking at the relationship between children in residential care and the criminal justice system.


More needs to be done to ensure there is a consistent response to missing and vulnerable people

23 Mar 2016

We will work closely with chief constables, the Home Office and the College of Policing to build a consistent, multi-agency response to missing and vulnerable people.


Safety advice following the Brussels attack

22 Mar 2016

NPCC lead on Counter Terrorism, Mark Rowley gives advice to the public following the attacks in Brussels today.


New board set up to oversee further police reform

21 Mar 2016

Bringing police leaders together, the Police Reform and Transformation Board will support the service in making changes aiming to transform policing by 2020. The changes are needed to tackle new threats and improve the service for the public.


National Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness Day March 18

18 Mar 2016

We are supporting the National Working Group’s Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness Day today, March 18. This day highlights the threat from child sexual abuse, encouraging everyone to spot the signs of abuse, speak out against it and adopt a zero tolerance to adults or children developing inappropriate relationships with children.

Police forces up and down the country will be taking part in operational activity to deal with the threats of CSE and encouraging victims to come forward and report crimes. 


Stakeholders come together to discuss the policing of protests

15 Mar 2016

The first national conference specifically focused on the policing of protests will be held in Derby this week.


Police don't want to criminalise children for sexting

14 Mar 2016

NPCC lead for child protection explains the police approach to sexting - we don't want children and young people to be criminalised but it's important to understand the dangers of sexting 


NSPCC report shows a shocking increase in reporting of child sexual offences to the police

09 Mar 2016

Changes in police recording and victims’ improved confidence in how the police will deal with abuse have played a significant part in the increase in reports to us but we are now starting work with academics to consider whether more children are actually being abused


Police Chiefs Blogs: International Women's Day March 2016

08 Mar 2016

To mark International Women’s Day, we’ve asked some of our chiefs about their roles, experiences of being a woman in policing and how they we can achieve further parity.


Important work to do in reviewing police use of force

08 Mar 2016

Our conflict management lead, Chief Constable David Shaw responds to the IPCC's police use of force study 


Counter Terrorism Officer Pledge Support on International Women's Day

08 Mar 2016

Female counter terrorism police officers and staff across England and Wales have today (8th March) joined together in an online film to pledge their support for International Women's Day and reaffirm their commitment to protecting women and girls from the threat of radicalisation.


Chief Constable Launches new gun crime manual

01 Mar 2016

The new national gun crime investigation manual for police forces was officially launched on 26 February.


Specialist police teams support Europe’s biggest ever disaster training exercise

29 Feb 2016

Specialist police teams from across the UK will be taking part in Europe’s biggest ever disaster training exercise beginning today.


Speeding is an offence and officers will always seek to deal with it appropriately

26 Feb 2016

Officers will always seek to deal with extreme speed appropriately to prevent harm and change driver behaviour. 


Close cooperation with European countries must be maintained whatever the outcome of the EU referendum

25 Feb 2016

As the debate continues on the EU referendum, the NPCC, the operational coordination body for policing, says that police have a clear operational requirement to cooperate closely with European countries but it is for others to determine the political arrangements to achieve this. 


State of Policing 2015

24 Feb 2016

The National Police Chiefs’ Council has responded to the annual report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of policing in England and Wales.


HMIC finds that the vast majority of police forces are good at preventing crime and anti-social behaviour

18 Feb 2016

The National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Crime Operations, Chief Constable Jon Murphy, has responded to today’s (February 18th) report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary into police effectiveness.


Victims must have the confidence to report sexual abuse and the public must have confidence in our investigations

14 Feb 2016

National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) Lead for Child Protection and Child Abuse Investigations, Chief Constable Simon Bailey, has emphasised the importance of maintaining trust and confidence in the police service - so that victims of sexual abuse feel able to come forward and reports are investigated. 


Police chiefs' respond to latest violent crime and sexual offences statistics

11 Feb 2016

National Police Chiefs' Council Lead for Crime Recording, Chief Constable Jeff Farrar responds to the latest release of violent crime and sexual offences statistics


Legitimacy sits at the heart of what we do - NPCC response to Police Legitimacy 2015 report

11 Feb 2016

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has responded to today's report on police legitimacy by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). 


Joint Fraud Taskforce Launch

10 Feb 2016

National Police Chiefs' Council commit to being part of the Joint Fraud Taskforce to share intelligence, develop a unified response and gain greater awareness of the risk of fraud among consumers.


Draft Investigatory Powers Bill – law enforcement evidence

09 Feb 2016

The National Crime Agency, National Police Chiefs Council and HM Revenue and Customs submitted a joint law enforcement response to the Joint Committee on the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill.


Draft proposals developed to assist forces deal with sex work

08 Feb 2016

NPCC Lead for Prostitution and Exploitation ACC Nikki Holland has developed proposals to assist forces in dealing with sex work and related issues locally, which will now be subject to further consultation.


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