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Two football banning orders issued in response to an anti-Semitic video but national football lead praises the behaviour of the majority of fans

26 Jun 2018

With the final England group game only a few days away, the national police lead for football policing, thanks fans for their behaviour so far.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: “The behaviour of the fans out in Russia has been, in the main, excellent, and they are making friends wherever they are going.

“While there have been a couple of isolated incidents, which have been dealt with swiftly by police in both Russia and the UK, the vast majority of the fans out in Russia are simply enjoying the football and being good guests of the country. This is reflected in the relaxed style of policing we have seen from Russian police, and has resulted in a great atmosphere for all supporters and the local residents.

“We are expecting more supporters to start to make their way across to Russia for the final group game in Kaliningrad, with many choosing to travel across the border from Gdansk, Poland. This crossing could take some time to make, as it will not be straightforward – fans need to ensure they have the necessary fan ID or visa with their match ticket and prior plans in place for travel and accommodation.

“We now have a team of UK officers in Gdansk to support our Polish colleagues, who will be taking a firm line should any disorder be seen – and if there is any trouble they are likely to miss the game and potentially be subject to football banning orders on their return to the UK. They will also be letting their fellow supporters down, undoing the positive image England fans have built so far.”

Since the World Cup began, police in the UK have been taking action to prevent known and likely troublemakers from travelling to Russia. Where there have been incidents in Russia, swift action on their return has resulted in four men receiving banning orders ranging from three to five years in length – these include those detailed below. Police in the UK have also prevented risk supporters from travelling, with a further seven banning orders being given.

Today, Tuesday 26 June 2018, David Batty (22/01/1960) from Doncaster and Michael Burns (30/08/1965) from Billingham appeared before Leeds Magistrates Court for their involvement in an anti-Semitic video circulated online. Both received a three-year football banning order.