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The Government are right to recognise that more money is needed in policing

13 Dec 2018

The Government has today announced extra funding for policing as part of the provisional police funding settlement. Policing is continuing to make substantial savings and drive efficiencies, but the Government are right to recognise that policing has come under severe strain and that extra funding is necessary to meet the demands of the public.

Responding to the announcement, National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Finance, Chief Constable Dave Thompson said:

"Police forces have made substantial savings and delivered reform over the past several years. We will continue to drive the efficiencies and innovation so we make the best use of our resources. However, there has been widespread recognition, including from government, that policing and our service to the public has come under severe strain due to budget cuts and increasing violence and terrorism.

"The Government is right to recognise the serious pressures on policing mean we could not wait for a full spending review and further funding is needed now. The additional funding through the police grant will help forces meet the costs of government pension changes and should allow chief constables and police and crime commissioners to avoid making further cuts. Increased flexibility through the council tax precept will give chief constables and police and crime commissioners the opportunity to address local issues – with many focusing on violent crime.

"We are continuing to work with police and crime commissioners and the Home Office to make an evidence-based case for increased investment and plans to drive productivity across policing for the next government spending review."