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Terror attack survivor backs new Run, Hide, Tell campaign for young people

29 Sep 2017

Terror attack survivor backs new Run, Hide, Tell campaign for young people: Sajda Mughal

Sajda Mughal OBE, a survivor of the London 7/7 bombings, is supporting Counter Terrorism Policing's new Run, Hide, Tell campaign for young people.

A survivor of the London 7/7 bombings has backed Counter Terrorism Policing’s new Run, Hide, Tell campaign aimed at children and teenagers.
Sajda Mughal OBE, who is a prominent anti-extremism and women’s rights campaigner and head of the JAN Trust, survived the tragic attack of a Piccadilly Line train in 2005.
Now she is using her experience and knowledge to support the collaboration between Counter Terrorism Police and The Sun, which hopes to teach 11-16 year olds how to react in the unlikely event they are caught in a gun or knife terror attack.
She said: “The recent wave of terrorist attacks has been very difficult for me.
“The Manchester bombing was devastating, seeing young people frantic and scared.
“We teach children how to cross the road safely and not to talk to strangers.
“We must also guide them in what to do in an attack — and that includes Run Hide Tell. We must take every precaution in protecting young people.”
Yesterday, Thursday 28 September, Counter Terrorism Policing enlisted the support of celebrities from entertainment and sport to launch the first phase of their ground-breaking safety campaign.
TV star Bear Grylls and England footballer Jamie Vardy are among the leading stars supporting the new initiative, which teaches children to RUN if they are able to, HIDE if they are not, and TELL police of the threat only when it is safe to do so. 
They are also advised to warn others about an on-going threat, and crucially told NOT to stop and use their phones until they are safely away from danger.
The NSPCC also support the campaign, and have provided practical advice for parents who wish to speak to their children about terrorism.
For more information about yesterday’s Run, Hide, Tell launch, click here.