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Rising violence and the tragic loss of young lives

04 Mar 2019

Rising violence and the tragic loss of young lives: Handcuff knife

Police chiefs are meeting the Home Secretary this week to talk about what more can be done to stop young people dying on our streets, days after further violence in London and Greater Manchester.

National Police Chiefs' Council Chair CC Sara Thornton said:

“The tragic loss of young lives seen in recent weeks, and months, is incredibly serious.  Rising violence needs to be treated like a national emergency. My thoughts are with the families and friends who are grieving for their loved ones. 

“Bringing violence down is a police priority.  Police tactics to tackle violence include targeted patrols in crime hotspots, stop and search, disrupting gangs and crime groups that drive violence and increased focus on county lines drug dealing.  Over 650 children or young people have been safeguarded in the recent weeklong operation against county lines. 

“The causes are complex, and so the solutions must involve action from government, education, health, social services, and communities themselves.

“We will meet the Home Secretary this week to talk about what more can be done.   Part of the conversation will be about what investment in policing is needed to help us control and bring down violence in the short to medium term.  But policing tactics won’t address the root causes of violence and stop the cycle.  Investment in early intervention and support to families and children with all agencies playing their part must be at the centre of the response.”