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Record number of police forces to take part in knife crime week of action

17 Jul 2017

Thirty two police forces across the country will take part in the latest phase of Operation Sceptre,  a week-long operation that targets knife users as well those who supply and sell them.  

Police forces are also working with communities affected by knife crime to find solutions to the complex problems that led to someone choosing to carry a knife.   

Tactics are tailored to local circumstances and challenges.  Activity includes increasing test purchases to catch retailers who may be selling knives illegally, intelligence-led stops and searches focused on local knife crime hotspots, knife amnesties and work with schools and community groups to educate young people about the risks and consequences of carrying weapons.  

National Police Chiefs' Council Lead on Violence and Public Protection, Chief Constable Simon Bailey said:

“After years of decreases, knife crime is on the rise again.  Police are determined to bring it back down and prevent more unnecesary deaths of young people with their lives ahead of them and stop more families being torn apart.   

"More forces than ever before are participating in this week’s Operation Sceptre, which has been sucessful in getting a significant number of weapons off the streets since it launched in 2015.  

“There is no easy solution to knife crime, and enforcement alone is certainly not the answer.  Throughout this week and beyond, police will be working with all those have a role to play in tackling knife crime because that is the only way we'll achieve a long term change."