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Public confidence in the police continues to rise

26 Mar 2015

A report released today by the Office of National Statistics shows an increase over the last year in people's confidence that the police are doing a good job and providing a good service to victims of crime

National Policing Lead for Crime Recording and Statistics, Chief Constable Jeff Farrar said:


“Public trust and confidence in the police are absolutely central to Britain’s model of policing by consent. I am delighted that today’s report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that the number of adults in England and Wales who feel that the police are doing a good or excellent job continues to rise; up 2 per cent in the last year to 63 per cent in comparison to 47 per cent ten years ago.


“I am equally pleased the majority of victims of crimes are fairly or very satisfied with the service they received. This has also increased to 74 per cent from 58 per cent in 2006.


“The police service is going through a challenging time with continued budget cuts and strains on our resourcing. It is good to see that in the face of this we are continuing to serve the public effectively and confidence in the work that we do is increasing. This is a credit to the dedication of officers and staff across the country who continue to work hard to meet the ever-changing demand the police service faces.”


The full report can be seen here: