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Police warn World Cup revellers not to repeat the shocking behaviour over the weekend

09 Jul 2018

A minority of celebrations resulted in significant disorder following England’s match on Saturday 7 July, leading to criminal damage, blocked roads and anti-social behaviour.

Reports received from 44 police forces across England and Wales (including British Transport Police), show a worrying level of, mostly, alcohol-related disorder. Three hundred and eight-seven incidents were recorded over the weekend, and more than 70 arrests were made. There have been a total of 1086 football-related incidents since the tournament began, with 226 domestic abuse related incidents and 230 arrests being made overall.

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Football Policing, Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, said:

“Saturday’s match was a great day for England and its right to celebrate it.  The vast majority of fans do that without committing criminal and anti-social behaviour.  It's incredibly disheartening to see over 300 incidents of alcohol fuelled disorder from a minority of mindless individuals.

“This behaviour has real consequences.  Numerous roads across the country were blocked stopping emergency vehicles getting to people in need and an ambulance is now off the road while being repaired. Shops were damaged, people were abused and assaulted and others climbed on buses and cars, causing damage to vehicles and in some cases, themselves.

“This is in stark contrast to the fans out in Russia, whose behaviour, apart from a couple of minor incidents, has been great.”

A snapshot of some of the incidents reported across England and Wales include:

  • An ambulance was significantly damaged while parked on Borough High Street;
  • In Northampton, crowds caused disturbances in part of the town, resulting in road closures while officers dealt with the disorder. Two people were arrested;
  • At Clapham Junction, one man jumped off a double-decker bus and fell through the roof of a bus shelter;
  • Flares were released in a street in Leicestershire, with a road blocked by hundreds of people;
  • In Southampton, people blocked the roads with some climbing onto and jumping across the roofs of buses;
  • A taxi received extensive criminal damage in Nottingham;
  • Humberside saw disruption in Bridlington, Hull and Cleethorpes as people climbed on bus shelters and vehicles.

In advance of the England’s semi-final match against Croatia on Wednesday July 11, DCC Roberts warned fans, “There is absolutely no excuse for this type of senseless behaviour.  Emergency services resources are already stretched.  We want people to celebrate and enjoy themselves but not at the expense of law abiding fans and emergency services’ resources.”