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Police officers and staff to continue using Covid PPE

15 Jul 2021

Guidance to police officers and staff on the use of Covid PPE will remain beyond 19 July when the legal requirement is removed in England. 

After consulting with staff unions and the Police Federation, the National Police Chiefs’ Council has written to all police forces to advise that the existing infection control measures used within policing should continue.

Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council Martin Hewitt said: 

“As employers chief constables have a responsibility to do everything they can to keep their staff and officers safe. 

“The nature of policing means officers are often in close contact with members of the public, are dealing with vulnerable people and going into different homes.  That’s why we will continue for now with our current infection control measures, like the use of face masks. 

“We also want to ensure our officers and staff are as protected as possible so they can be there for the public and we minimise the risk of large numbers either being off sick or self-isolating.” 

The NPCC guidance advises officers and staff to wear a face covering in communal spaces, public buildings, public transport, when not able to socially distance from members of the public and when double crewed in vehicles. Staff will continue to work from home when possible. 

The guidance will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.