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Police managing an increase in Prevent referrals

26 Dec 2015

Following a significant increase in Prevent referrals, as outlined in today's Times article, National Police Chiefs' Council lead for Prevent, Chief Constable Simon Cole, outlines how police continue to be a trusted agency for reporting concerns about radicalisation.

“A legislative change was introduced in April 2015 which required public bodies to make referrals to the Prevent programme, and which led to a high number of referrals being recorded. At a time when the threat level is severe, it is encouraging that the police are highly trusted as an agency for reporting concerns about radicalisation. The figures may not accurately capture the nature of the original source because in many cases members of the community will report in the first instance to the police. For example, the numbers include referrals about domestic extremism and extreme right wing radicalisation. Currently one in ten of the referrals received come direct from communities, whilst referrals from outside of police and prisons form the majority of the other referrals received”.