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Police given new powers to battle knife crime

31 Jan 2019

The Government will seek to amend the Offensive Weapons Bill to introduce Knife Crime Prevention Orders.

Responding to the Home Office’s announcement of new police powers to tackle knife crime, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Duncan Ball, National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Knife Crime, said:

“We welcome the new powers announced today by the Home Office. The introduction of Knife Crime Prevention Orders will provide us with further means to help deter young people from becoming involved in knife possession and knife crime.

“Police forces are already using a number of tactics to catch those who choose to carry a knife. We have increased patrols in knife crime hotspots, are carrying out more targeted intelligence led stop and search and working with local partners to support victims.

“However, knife and violent crime is not something that can be solved by policing alone. We are working with schools, charities and community schemes to educate young people and explain why carrying a knife is never the right choice. This early intervention plays a vitally important role in stopping young people from turning to a life of crime.”