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Police back expert warning on Facebook encryption

06 Feb 2020

Police back expert warning on Facebook encryption: computer-2

The national policing lead for child protection has backed a letter from worldwide experts and charities to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, warning that the company’s plan for end-to-end encryption would put child safety at risk.

National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for child protection, Chief Constable Simon Bailey, previously warned that Facebook had provided no reassurance that the change would not impede law enforcement investigations.

Speaking in response to the letter from more than 100 children’s charities and experts Chief Constable Bailey said:

“Getting quick access to the technology that criminals are using to target and groom our children and vulnerable people online is vital.

“Not only can this evidence help secure prosecutions but it can also identify victims so police can bring an end to their exploitation.

“If Facebook proceed with their current plans for end-to-end encryption they will knowingly put the safety of children at risk – ignoring the warnings of police, charities and experts across the world. There is a moral responsibility on them to ensure this does not happen.”