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Pay freeze for officers a hard pill to swallow

22 Jul 2021

The National Police Chiefs' Council has responded to the Government's confirmation of a pay freeze for police officers.  

National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair, Martin Hewitt said:

“While we understand the pressures of government finances, the confirmed pay freeze for police officers is a hard pill to swallow. Police teams have done exceptional and extraordinary work in the pandemic at a personal risk to them and their families. For many it will feel unfair and that their contribution is undervalued.

“In real-terms, officers’ pay lags behind where it stood in 2010, and it is out of step with current rises in the cost of living. As the Government makes spending decisions over coming months, we are urging Ministers to fund meaningful and fair pay increases from 2022 that properly reflect the important and complex work police officers do.

“In future years, it is essential that pay awards are fully funded and not only keep pace with inflation but allow officers’ earnings to catch up - recognising the contribution officers have made and continue to make to keeping us all safe. Without specific government funding, any pay increases will come from police force budgets and will mean a reduction in service to the public or will put other vital jobs in policing at risk.”