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Night shifts are part of wider dynamic risk assessments and we ensure that officers have the right support

30 Oct 2016

In response to a Mail on Sunday investigation revealing the number of officers on duty at nights, Chiefs stress that these shifts are considered as part of wider risk assessments, and officers are supported by a range of partners and staff. 

National Police Chiefs' Council Lead on Local Policing, Chief Constable Simon Cole said:

"Policing is a 24/7 responsibility. The night time economy presents Chief Constables and officers with real challenges policing both large rural areas as well as the thriving and busy environments in towns and cities.

"Police forces make their decisions about night shift staffing in line with dynamic risk assessments which may vary greatly between forces, and sometimes even within a single force. Officers on night shifts are always supported by police community support officers, force staff, special constables, partner agencies and volunteers. They also receive the appropriate equipment and training to ensure that they are not put in a situation without the support that they need.

"In a world where there are 19,000 fewer police officers, all forces have to deal with the realities of their budget when making operational decisions, with the sole intention of allocating officers and staff to most effectively protect the public."