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NPCC supports possibility of merger between Devon and Cornwall and Dorset Police

06 Sep 2017

National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair, Sara Thornton, supports two forces exploring merger to 'maintain the best possible service to their communities'.

National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair Sara Thornton said:

“Police forces merging together should enable them to strengthen their response to a range of threats and save money to preserve effective local policing. 

"We support Devon and Cornwall and Dorset Police in exploring how they could maintain the best possible service to their communities by amalgamating.  Forces considering merging require Government support, particularly in harmonising council tax precepts.”

“Many would agree that merging into fewer forces would be better, both financially and for operational consistency. The Home Office has said it will consider voluntary mergers but will not mandate a change to the 43 force structure.

"Chiefs constables and police and crime commissioners working together to enable forces to work better as a network by sharing specialist capabilities and joining up technology.”