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NPCC response to recent protest activity during this time of national mourning

13 Sep 2022

UK police have a long history of facilitating peaceful protest and upholding the right to protest, while balancing it with the rights of others.

A National Police Chiefs’ Council Spokesman said:

“The ability to protest is a fundamental part of democracy and it is a long-established right in this country.

“We know some people want to protest on a range of issues during this time of national mourning, and officers must balance these rights against those who wish to grieve and reflect. We have issued guidance to forces on how they should do this, in order to ensure a national consistency of approach.

“Policing strives to ensure decision making is consistent and fair, and is accountable to the law. Ultimately however, each event or protest has to be assessed on its own unique circumstances. That assessment does not include the cause or issue for the protest – all groups or causes are treated impartially”.