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NPCC response to Information Commissioner's Office report

31 May 2022

Assistant Chief Constable Timothy De Meyer, National Police Chiefs' Council Lead for Disclosure, responds to the Information Commissioner's Office opinion report 

Assistant Chief Constable Timothy De Meyer, National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Disclosure, said:

“The opinion report released by Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) includes a number of recommendations to the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), including work already underway to improve our response to victims of rape and sexual assault. We accept these recommendations and will continue to strive to protect privacy whilst observing the absolute right of defendants to a fair trial.

“In September 2021, we launched the Digital Processing Notices (DPNs) and the College of Policing also produced Authorised Professional Practice that set out the approach forces should take when seeking to access personal data on the devices of victims and witnesses.  These notices put into practice a Court of Appeal judgment and were produced after careful consultation with victims groups. The NPCC has also been consulting with the ICO, Victims Commissioner, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and other stakeholders to produce Third Party Material Information Notices. These notices will address the recommendations in the ICO opinion and will enable a fair and consistent approach to third party material across forces. The notices are due to go out for wider stakeholder consultation in June.

“Policing recognises that more must be done to see the response to rape and sexual offences improve. We are committed to this and are working closer than ever with the CPS and partners across the Criminal Justice System.”