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NPCC responds to ONS crime statistics release

18 Oct 2018

The ONS have today released their crime statistics for the 12 months to June 2018. The stats show no change in the overall level of crime measured by the Crime Survey of England and Wales, but show a 9 per cent increase in recorded crime.

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Crime Recording & Statistics, Chief Constable Bill Skelly said:

“Over the last decade the Crime Survey of England and Wales has shown falling levels of crime. Statistics released today show that trend has now halted, as well as showing a nine per cent increase in police recorded crime.

“Rising crime is placing greater demand on policing as forces strive to reduce crime as well as respond to a growing terrorist threat and more calls from the public for help, including responding to people in crisis when other agencies lack their own capacity.

“The gap between crimes reported and those that end in a criminal justice outcome is a real concern for us.  A range of factors affect detection rates.  Firstly police forces are improving the way they record crime, including crimes that have no suspect and little prospect of a criminal justice outcome.  There are also significant rises in cases that are complex to investigate such as child sexual exploitation, abuse and online fraud. In many of these cases, multiple crimes are recorded which victims may not wish to take through to prosecution.  Increased demand and fewer officer numbers have also had an impact.

“We’re using a range of tactics to bear down on violence – a new coordination centre to improve the response to county lines networks was established in September and a national operation this month led to hundreds of arrests and the safeguarding of vulnerable people.  This action must be supported by cross-agency early intervention and prevention to tackle the root causes of crime.

“The upcoming spending review is a crucial opportunity for the government and police leaders to come to a consensus about police demand, our capabilities to meet it and the funding required.”