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NPCC comments on Home Office Front Line Review

10 Jul 2019

NPCC comments on Home Office Front Line Review: community

The Home Office will today (Wednesday 10 July) publish the findings of its Front Line Review .

The purpose of the Front Line Review is to give police officers and staff in operational roles across England and Wales the opportunity to share their ideas for change and improvement in policing

Responding to the report, National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair Martin Hewitt said:

“This review provides an important insight into how front line officers and staff are feeling. We will listen and act on the findings.

“We are already taking action to address many of the issues raised. Significant investment is going into improving IT and the National Police Wellbeing Service was launched earlier this year, which will provide the right support for the daily strains and stresses of policing as well as traumatic events. 

“Those on the front line are often best equipped to innovate and find solutions to difficult problems and there are some great examples of this from around the country. We look forward to working with others to enable that to happen consistently at a national level. We will look carefully at how we can eliminate the sources of internal bureaucracy to free up time and reduce stress.

“We have been clear that policing is under intense strain, which is felt acutely by those on the front line with a deeply concerning impact on their wellbeing. We are working with the Home Office to make the case for increased funding at the next government spending review to ease pressure and reduce crime.”

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