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New national police lead for serious organised crime appointed

21 Jul 2022

Chief Constable Steve Jupp has been appointed as the National Police Lead for Serious Organised Crime (SOC).

Chief Constable Steve Jupp has been appointed as the National Police Lead for Serious Organised Crime (SOC).

Steve will coordinate national police action to tackle criminal gangs, working closely with the National Crime Agency (NCA).

He will be responsible for heading up and delivering the strategic policing plan to support the national priorities led and set by the NCA in tackling serious and organised crime. He will oversee the coordination and strategic development of the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) network on behalf of all police forces and the wider SOC System, in line with the vision set out in the ROCU Strategy 2030.

Steve is taking up this new policing role on a full-time basis funded by the Home Office and the NPCC. He will work closely with the NCA, police forces and a wide range of organisations with a role and expertise in tackling serious and organised crime.

Chief Constable Steve Jupp said today:

“I am honoured to be taking on such an important role, which goes to the heart of protecting people and keeping our communities safe. My career spans many different elements of crime, including serious and organised crime, and I am committed to delivering a consistent and robust response to the significant threat it poses to the UK public.  

“I am looking forward to working collaboratively with the NCA, police forces and partners to ensure we do our very best to protect our communities from organised criminals.”

Director General of the National Crime Agency, Graeme Biggar, said:

“Serious and organised crime is a corrosive threat to national security. In leading the UK response, the NCA is clear that having the necessary focus, resources and capabilities at all levels of law enforcement is essential to meeting the challenge.

“This dedicated NPCC role will help to drive serious and organised crime priorities throughout policing, ensuring our collective response is most effective in protecting the UK’s people and economy.

“I welcome Steve to his new position and look forward to working with him."

Steve’s 35-year career has focused on tackling the threat of serious and organised crime. Starting his career in the Metropolitan Police Service where his focus was on tackling serious and organised crime. In 1993, Steve moved onto the Regional Crime Squad, again focussing on serious and organised crime. In 1999 Steve returned to the MPS during which he developed the MPS response to armed robbery and investigated the London bombings. 

In 2009 he transferred to West Midlands Police where, as Head of Crime, he had responsibility for all levels of criminal investigations. In 2013 he went to Nottinghamshire Constabulary as an Assistant Chief Constable where he was responsible for crime investigation and reduction.

Steve joined Suffolk Constabulary in April 2015 in the role of Deputy Chief Constable, and was promoted to Chief Constable in April 2019.

Minister for Crime, Policing and Probation, Tom Pursglove, said:

“I welcome the appointment of Steve Jupp as the NPCC’s new full-time Lead for Serious Organised Crime.

“Criminal networks are devastatingly corrosive to our society and make the lives of individuals and communities a misery. They threaten our national security and undermine the safety of our citizens.  

“Bringing a wealth of experience and dedication, Steve will work with the Home Office, NCA, police forces and partners, to crack down on the criminal gangs that often drive the most visible and harmful types of crime.”

NPCC Crime Committee Chair Chief Constable Alan Pughsley, said:

“As the serious organised crime lead, Steve will work alongside the NCA, police and partners to galvanise the whole system’s response to the considerable threat of serious and organised crim.

“Steve is an experienced police officer.  He has spent much of his career tackling serious organised crime and brings the experience of leading a police force as a chief constable.  I look forward to continuing to work alongside Steve.”

Association for Police and Crime Commissioners Lead Serious and Organised Crime, PCC Donna Jones, said:

“I’m delighted that Steve has accepted the role as the National SOC lead. Steve has worked with me in this space for the last 12 months. He is a very experienced senior strategic policing lead and will be excellent in leading the fight against Serious and Organised Crime, both locally and nationally alongside the NCA.”

Steve is expected to take up the post full time on the 3rd October 2022.