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Modern slavery is a vile and complex crime which the police are determined to help eradicate

12 Oct 2016

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has responded to today's annual report 2015/16 from the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.

The report highlights that some UK police forces are taking a proactive approach to combating modern slavery through the development of bespoke units, quality assurance mechanisms and training. However, all those involved agree there is more work to do.

NPCC Lead for Modern Slavery, Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer said:

“Modern slavery is a vile crime which the police are determined to play our part in eradicating.

"Chief officers have worked closely with partners, including the National Crime Agency and College of Policing, to improve the UK law enforcement response and I will be representing them on the Prime Minister’s new modern slavery taskforce.

“As the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner says in his report, the number of modern slavery prosecutions and convictions in the UK are on the rise. Referrals increased by 40 per cent last year and many frontline organisations are working tirelessly to support victims.

“This complex and cross-border type offence presents the police with unique challenges. However, it does not excuse the gap between national referrals and recorded crime in some areas. We also believe there are many victims of modern slavery who are yet to be identified.

“I will be speaking with chief constables tomorrow about how we can build on the progress made so far and ensure all cases of slavery and trafficking are recorded and investigated as they should be.”