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Inspectorate positive on forces, but more work to do on serving victims

07 Feb 2020

HMICFRS, in their most recent PEEL Spotlight report, conclude that whilst most forces are deemed either good or outstanding, there is more work to do in offering a consistent service to victims and improving investigations. 

Responding to the inspectorate report, National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) Chair Martin Hewitt said:

“I’m pleased to see HMICFRS conclude that policing in England and Wales is in good shape, as they commend the majority of forces with good or outstanding grades for this assessment. The substantial effort from all forces to meet the needs of the public is recognised. The Inspectorate assess that forces have improved their ability to protect vulnerable people and support victims, but there is more work to do.   

“Policing has been under strain dealing with rising crime, demand that is more complex and fewer officers available to deal with it. An increase in officer numbers in the coming years will help us to provide a better service to victims, and ease the pressure on our people.

“Police chiefs continue to work to understand new trends, evidential challenges and why victims lose faith in the system. Better understanding the demand we face can enable us to deliver a more consistent service going forward. 

“We will consider the observations made by the Inspectorate carefully, both nationally and within forces, to see what action can be taken to address areas of specific concern.”