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Home Office approves new Conducted Energy Device for police use

02 Mar 2017

Following a rigorous assessment of its safety and effectiveness, the Home Office has now approved the Taser X2 Conducted Energy Device (CED) for use by UK police. This device will aid police data collection on wider use of force.

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Less Lethal Weapons, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi said:

From April this year, forces will start recording and publishing every time an officer uses force - whether that is a form of restraint, handcuffing, use of a Taser or CS spray. These use of force powers are legitimately available to police officers under law to enable them to protect the public and themselves from harm. It is right that we are transparent about how and why they are used. The data collected will help us to make more informed decisions about training, tactics and equipment as well as demonstrate the really difficult situations officers are sometimes confronted with.

“Following Home Office approval of Taser X2 Conducted Energy Device (CED) for police use, we will be working to equip specially trained officers with this new generation of device while maintaining our high standards of training and monitoring.

“We are clear that a CED should be available to officers as one of many tactical options. Any use of force must be justified by the officer, proportionate and in line with the law, current policy and guidance.”

Background information:

Police forces will issue the X2 device to their specially trained officers in line with their operational needs and priorities, strategic threat and risk.

High standards of recording, evaluation and monitoring will be maintained and continually reviewed, as CED usage will fall under the broader Use of Force data collation project being led under the auspices of the NPCC.

Officers who are already trained in the existing device must undertake a conversion course before they are able to carry the new one, and any new user will have to complete a full course. Police will constantly review and update training standards for CED-equipped officers.

Stringent and mandatory recording procedures will also continue to ensure that anytime a device is drawn from its holster, its use and the outcome will be recorded in detail to ensure transparency and accountability.

The X2 also offers significant technological advantages of data collection which will provide more detailed information to develop training and tactics.

The information held by the recording form will continue to be shared with SACMILL, CAST and the College of Policing.

A full Q&A on police use of CEDs can be found here:

The College of Policing also have an Authorised Professional Practice document relating to CED use which can be found here: