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General Sir Nick Parker's review of ACPO values the role of Chief Constables' Council in policing and that ACPO provides value for money

14 Nov 2013

The review aimed to examine the standing structures and functions currently delivered by ACPO in the context of the radically different national environment of PCCs, the College of Policing and the National Crime Agency and make recommendations to PCCs on the requirement for a collective national policing function akin to that currently fulfilled by ACPO

Vice President of ACPO Chief Constable Sara Thornton said:

“We welcome General Sir Nick Parker’s review, noting the value he places on Chief Constables’ Council as the focus for command and leadership of the police service, his proposals for strengthening governance, and that he finds current arrangements offer value for money. Chief Officers agree that the role played by the Association of Chief Police Officers in bringing together police leaders at the national level, to coordinate and support the operation of local police forces, is an important and valuable part of policing.

“It is distinct from but complementary to the new College of Policing’s focus on developing professionalism, and the National Crime Agency’s role tackling national and international serious organised crime. All chief officers will want to consider his report carefully and we will work with Police and Crime Commissioners to take forward the recommendations.”

The full report can be viewed by going to

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