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English police officers continue to work closely with French colleagues

10 Jun 2016

Following a short confrontation in Marseille, English and French police officers will work closely to identify supporters who engage in disorder.

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Football Policing, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts said:

“England supporters had been in Marseille yesterday without issue. At around midnight, there was a short confrontation where a group of approximately 70 local youths approached a pub where England fans had congregated. This was quickly dealt with by French police and one English supporter was arrested. We are aware of no further incidents overnight.

“English police officers continue to work closely with their French colleagues in Marseille and will identify supporters who misbehave with a view to seek banning orders on their return to the UK.”

Notes to editors:

The latest figures show that forces in England and Wales have now accounted for the passports of nearly 1,370 people as part of the passport surrender operation. That represents more than 97 per cent of the individuals currently subject to a banning order who hold a passport.

Operations at ports will continue across the UK to prevent known trouble-makers from travelling.