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ACPO response to Peter Neyroud report on police leadership and training

05 Apr 2011

The president says raising the status of policing to that of a profession will represent a step change for the service

ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde said:

“We are incredibly proud of the critical service our officers and staff deliver in communities, within a British model of policing held in high regard for its professionalism around the world. This review offers an opportunity to better recognise our officers and staff for the incredible range of skills they have. If achieved, then raising the status of policing to that of a profession, supported by a Royal Chartered Institute, will represent a step change for the service.

“Publication of this review marks a key moment in the debate chief officers have been having over a long period about how to secure the necessary reform to ACPO that we seek. We note the review places ACPO as the “head and heart” of a professional body. As leaders of the service we recognise such a body must be open to all who deliver policing and its inspiration shared across all ranks and grades. The consultation which now follows is an important opportunity for all, including ACPO, to contribute.”

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