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ACPO response to article in the Independent on Sunday

06 May 2012

ACPO lead for equality, diversity and human rights responds to an article about racism complaints against police officers

In response to an article in the Independent on Sunday, ACPO lead for equality, diversity and human rights, Chief Constable Alf Hitchcock, said:

“Police officers have thousands of interactions with members of the public each day and most end well. Since the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report, both the satisfaction with the police among black and minority ethnic communities, and their willingness to come forward and complain when things go wrong has risen.

“When contact doesn’t end well, complaints are a vital part of understanding what went wrong and how it can be put right. Each and every case is different but where prejudice and gross misconduct occurs, there is a firm desire throughout policing, to challenge and tackle it robustly. In other cases, where the grievance concerns an officer’s performance rather than being a matter of misconduct, complaints can be upheld and local resolutions put in place.

"Much has changed in the police service over the last ten years and while there is still some way to go, the service has shown that it is willing to listen and learn from past events. Every complaint the service receives is recorded and investigated and I encourage people to continue to come forward.”

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