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ACPO response into corruption within the police service

24 May 2012

The Home Secretary has today laid the second part of the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s (IPCC) report on corruption in the police service before Parliament.

ACPO counter-corruption advisory group chair Deputy Chief Constable Bernard Lawson said:

“This report again recognises that corruption is neither endemic nor widespread in the police service. However the actions of a few corrupt officers can corrode the great work of so many working hard daily to protect the public.

“Chief Officers around the country recognise this issue and devote considerable energy and resource to identify and deal with corruption.

“The report identifies that many investigations and successful prosecutions result from officers and police staff themselves coming forward to point out wrong doing. “The police service values independent oversight which is a key ingredient in ensuring the trust and confidence of the public.

"ACPO will work with the IPCC to address the issues of inconsistency in recording and referring corruption matters including a clearer definition of corruption for public and internal use.”

A copy of the report can be downloaded from a link found below the IPCC press notice which can be accessed here.

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