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ACPO comments on the peer review into the response of Cumbria Constabulary to the shootings by Derrick Bird

28 Mar 2011

ACPO lead on armed policing comments on Cumbria Constbulary's response to the shootings by Derrick Bird on 2nd June 2010

ACPO lead for armed policing, Assistant Chief Constable Simon Chesterman, said:

“Events of the magnitude of the shootings in Cumbria on 2nd June 2010 would challenge any police force, regardless of their size. I have concluded in this report, having examined the sequence of events in great detail, that the response of Cumbria Constabulary was reasonable and they had no opportunity to prevent this incident.

“However, any review into incidents of this scale is likely to expose lessons to learn and this report provides an opportunity for the police forces and our partner emergency services to review procedures and command structures and learn from the experience of Cumbria Constabulary.

“Through this review, I have highlighted issues which are of national significance such as the national policy of the ambulance service in these circumstances and the way that some forces have implemented and utilised the Airwave radio system. These are matters of national importance and this review is an opportunity to improve our collective response to such large scale critical incidents.”

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