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ACPO comment on young victims being stalked

16 Mar 2011

Young people are urged to report stalking and to be careful about the level of personal information they place on social networking sites

ACPO lead on stalking and harassment, Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, said: “Stalking can take the form of attention that is unwarranted, makes people feel uncomfortable, scared and frightened.

“One of our concerns is that young people, especially young women, can put a great deal of personal detail on social networking sites that might be seen by people who they do not want to allow into their lives. Through text messages, email and social networking sites there are not only more avenues that stalkers use, but also greater access to personal information about people. People need to be aware of the importance of keeping their personal details on these sites to a real minimum.

“Stalking is not just something that happens to celebrities, it happens to ordinary people, and ignoring it in the hope it goes away is not the best way. I would encourage anyone who is a victim of stalking to seek out help and most importantly report it.”

BBC Radio 1 today reported on the number of young victims of stalking who do not report their concerns to police:

For more information on the police work around stalking please see ACC Garry Shewan's blog on the police response to stalking:

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