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ACPO comment on the JCHR report Facilitating Peaceful Protest

25 Mar 2011

The national lead on public order and public safety says police are constantly adapting to the challenges posed by protest

ACPO lead on public order and public safety T/Chief Constable Sue Sim said:

“ACPO welcomes the report from the Joint Committee on Human Rights around policing protests. In particular the committee acknowledges the challenges protests place on police and the need for organisers of protests to play their part in assisting the facilitation of peaceful protest.

“Policing is constantly adapting to the challenges posed by protest. Improvements in communication and engagement with protest organisers, as displayed by the work of the Metropolitan Police and the TUC ahead of Saturday’s protest, are setting a model that the police service nationally are being encouraged to adopt.

“The service is finalising updated training modules to ensure greater understanding of use of force and other human rights issues by commanders and officers on the ground.

“The service has a clear commitment to ensure peaceful protest can take place and will continue to work with all interested parties to ensure we continuously adapt to the need to keep order and protect the public.”

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