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ACPO comment on the Forensic Science Service

14 Dec 2010

ACPO responds to the Home Office's announcement on the future of the Forensic Science Service

ACPO lead for forensics procurement Deputy Chief Constable Chris Eyre said:

“ACPO is working in support of the Home Office on the wind-down of the Forensic Science Service (FSS). Contingency and transition plans have been put in place to support the police service over the next 15 months and maintain a sustainable operational capability.

“Although it is not the only forensics provider to the police service, the wind-down of the FSS will have significant implications for forces. ACPO, the National Policing Improvement Agency and the Home Office are taking steps to ensure continuity of forensic services to the police service and has plans in place to manage an orderly transition, continuity of forensic capabilities and minimal impact on forces.

“ACPO will be leading on work to ensure the management and transition of all forensics activity is co-ordinated nationally to ensure that the Criminal Justice System is not put at risk through uncoordinated activity either in individual forces or regions.”

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