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ACPO comment on MAPPA reports

27 Oct 2010

ACPO responds to the publication of the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements Annual Report 2009/10

ACPO lead on the management of sexual offenders and violent offenders, Chief Constable Paul West said:

“Protecting the public from harm is a fundamental role for the police service, however we recognise that this cannot be achieved by any one agency working in isolation. A key plank of our work to manage those who pose the most serious risk to the public is to ensure we have successful a multi-agency approach embedded nationally, regionally and locally. By working closely with the Probation Service, the Prison Service and other relevant agencies, experience has shown that Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) have proven critical in reducing the risks posed in this area.

“Additionally, the staged roll-out of the child sex offender disclosure scheme has significantly enhanced our ability to protect families from potential harm and has provided another critical layer that empowers parents, carers and guardians to take active steps to protect their children.

“Whilst the reality is that the risks posed by some offenders can never be completely eliminated, we will continue to do all in our power to keep them to a minimum.”

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