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ACPO comment on government consultation on dangerous dogs

23 Apr 2012

ACPO responds to the government's announcement that there will be a consultation on tackling irresponsible dog ownership

ACPO lead for dangerous dogs, Assistant Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard, said:

“Police officers are all too familiar with the serious injuries, and sometimes graver consequences, inflicted by dangerous dogs. What is worse for victims and their families following such attacks, is that there are limitations to what police can achieve, particularly when attacks occur in a private place. Proposals to extend police powers to protect those people who are lawfully entitled to be on a property are a welcome step forward.

“It is in the police service’s interest to tackle the problem of dangerous dogs, not only due to the serious injuries that such dogs can cause but also because kennelling dogs can be a significant drain on police resources. ACPO will be submitting a response to the consultation and looks forward to working with Defra on proposals so that communities are better protected, owners are more accountable for the actions of their dogs and the welfare of animals is improved.”

A link to the consultation is here

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