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ACPO clarification on role of Transparency International

30 Apr 2012

Statements in Parliament on 24 April 2012 and a report in the Yorkshire Post on 24 April 2012, have regrettably given the erroneous impression that Transparency international UK (TI-UK) is providing external scrutiny for a review of spending on consultants within ACPO

ACPO has commissioned TI-UK, which is the UK national chapter of the global anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International (TI), to benchmark standards of integrity in the UK police service. A report on this work is expected to be concluded in May.

It will include recommendations on good practice, drawing on TI’s extensive experience in working with public sector bodies to improve integrity and governance.

This project is distinct from and not related to ACPO's review of its consultancy procedures, although the latter may benefit from TI-UK’s report.

Transparency International Director of External Affairs, Robert Barrington, 0207 922 7966.

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