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ACPO clarification of policy on enforcement of 20mph speed limit

04 Mar 2013

Reports from the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group have stated that police are not enforcing 20mph speed limits. The police policy is clarified below

An ACPO spokeswoman said:

“In most cases, 20 mph limits will follow Department of Transport guidance and include features such as speed bumps or traffic islands designed to slow traffic. ACPO guidelines include thresholds for enforcement across all speed limits to underpin a consistent policing approach. However it is for local police forces to apply a proportionate approach to enforcement of 20mph limits based on risk to individuals, property and the seriousness of any breach. Where drivers are exceeding the speed limit through wilful offending, we would expect that officers will enforce the limit and prosecute offenders."

For more information please contact:

ACPO Press Office
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