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Protective security advice issued to Christian places of worship

26 Jul 2016

While there is no specific intelligence relating at attacks against the Christian community in the UK, police are urging the community to be alert but not alarmed, report concerns to the police and review their security as a precaution.

We will work with others across the criminal justice system to support the Home Office’s new action plan to stamp out hate crime

26 Jul 2016

We have seen a significant rise in the reporting of hate crime and urge victims to continue to come forward.

As a service we take the treatment of people we interact with very seriously.

26 Jul 2016

Police come to work wanting to protect people and save life, and each death must be scrutinised to learn lessons and help raise standards of care.

Going missing is often a symptom of deeper challenges in a young person’s life.

26 Jul 2016

We need all agencies to work together to provide a consistent, coordinated repsonse to support those in need.

New vacancy: Audit and assurance board independent non-executive members

25 Jul 2016

We are looking for two independent non-executive board members, one to fill a vacancy and the other in reserve for appointment if and when a vacancy arises.  

Security measures for MPs continue to be kept under review by the police

25 Jul 2016

In light of recent events, a meeting took place with the police, IPSA and the Parliamentary Security Department to review MPs security and consequently number of additional security measures were introduced.

Too often our people simply accept verbal or physical abuse as part of their job

25 Jul 2016

Following the second annual release of Home Office statisitics into the number of police officers assualted, our lead reiterates that one assault is one too many.

Hate crime incidents reported to police have reduced following a spike after the EU referendum.

22 Jul 2016

Following increases in the reporting of hate crime to the True Vision website, the National Police Chiefs' Council requested weekly Hate Crime returns from all forces.

Digital and cybercrime is no longer a curiosity in policing: it’s what we deal with on a daily basis.

22 Jul 2016

The priorities for law enforcement are to make the UK a hostile place for cyber-criminals to target or operate, improve the response to victims and develop capabilities in local forces.

Police support NSPCC guidance on leaving children home alone

21 Jul 2016

The NSPCC have released guidance for parents considering leaving children home alone in bid to prevent neglect or harm. NPCC supports this advice.

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