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Congratulations to Cressida Dick - the first woman to lead the Metropolitan Police

22 Feb 2017

Police chiefs looking forward to working with the new Met Commissioner

Officers should only be separated following a firearms incident if it is practical and necessary

21 Feb 2017

DCC Simon Chesterman responds to draft guidance published by the IPCC which deals with firearms officers in an incident where they have discharged their weapon resulting in death or serious harm.

Police are addressing an issue in a number of forensic tests

19 Feb 2017

Police are working with the CPS and the Forensic Science Regulator to respond to the issue

Additional funding is vital in ensuring we are able to tackle the threat of child sexual exploitation

16 Feb 2017

Following the Governments pledge of £40 million in measures to protect children and young people from sexual abuse, Chief Constable Simon Bailey highlights the importance of funding in safeguarding the vulnerable.

The use of informants helps to prevent and solve the most serious crimes

08 Feb 2017

Informants often provide timely and essential intelligence which cannot always be obtained by other means. This tactic can lead to very serious crimes being prevented including, murders, child sexual exploitation, and terrorism.

Huge illegal firearms seizure following joint NCA and CT policing operation

06 Feb 2017

Over 800 potentially lethal weapons have been seized and 282 suspects arrested during a month-long operation aimed at preventing criminals and terrorists gaining access to illegal firearms.

We must build resilience in young people and educate them about sexual relationships

03 Feb 2017

Research by the charity Barnardo's has highlighted increases in recorded cases of children committing sexual offences against other children in England and Wales between 2013 and 2016.

Police Chiefs' Blog: CC Sara Thornton - Chief Constables' Council January 2017

03 Feb 2017

As our January meeting of all chief constables was at the Police Federation headquarters, it was fitting that investment in our staff and culture was at the forefront of our focus. 

CC Stephen Kavanagh Blog: Our world has gone digital. January 2017

25 Jan 2017

Our world has gone digital.  Smartphones are everywhere and have overtaken computers as the most popular way we access the internet. The world has changed, and 93% of adults in the UK now own a mobile phone compared with 36% in 2000. 

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