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Significant reduction in retailers stocking psychoactive substances

26 Aug 2016

Since the psychoactive substances act was introduced 3 months ago, forces across the country have been using new powers to significantly reduce the number of retailers and head shops stocking these substances.

Police forces are committed to ensuring value for money for the public

24 Aug 2016

Following the release of the Home Office’s latest police procurement data, our finance lead believes that transparent benchmarking of procurement data is an important part of securing value for money for the public. 

Tackling the criminals at the source of wholesale cannabis cultivation remains a key priority

23 Aug 2016

Police forces will enforce the law involving cannabis use by using a range of options depending on the individual circumstances of the case. As always they will follow a proportionate approach signposting users to education and support services. 

Channel not the only option for those who refuse support

23 Aug 2016

Statistics obtained from the National Police Chief's Council under Freedom of Information show that just under half of individuals specifically vulnerable to Daesh-related radicalisation, and offered support from a Channel panel, refused to participate.

Unique memorial to commemorate police and military officers

21 Aug 2016

Today, NPCC chair Sara Thornton laid a wreath at the unveiling of a unique memorial to commemorate those police and military officers who lost their lives during the Eoka crisus in Cyprus from 1956 to 1960.

Parents shouldn't be afraid to speak to young people about their activities online

16 Aug 2016

Sexting can be seen as harmless or normal activity but there are many risks involved. Once circulated, the sender loses all control of that image and it can cause significant distress when it gets into wider hands. The new NSPCC guidance offers invaluable advice to parents how to speak to young people and intervene early.

Electoral fraud: voters must have confidence in the democratic process

12 Aug 2016

Chief officers have responded to a review by Sir Eric Pickles MP on electoral fraud. Assistant Chief Constable Gary Cann supported the review, which was commissioned last year by former Prime Minister David Cameron MP, and gave evidence to the inquiry team.

Intelligence led approach combatting drink and drug driving

11 Aug 2016

The latest national figures show that forces across the country followed a targeted approach that saw an increase in alcohol tests showing a positive, failed or refused reading. While the percentage of drivers tested reduced, officers targeted through intelligence drink drive hotspots.

Clearer regulations and more transparency on chief police pay packages needed

09 Aug 2016

It is in the interests of the taxpaying public and chief officers navigating the system that the rules are clear, consistent and fair with checks and balances by locally accountable Police and Crime Commissioners

Every death in custody matters

05 Aug 2016

Speaking in response to today's Black Lives Matter protests, National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Race and Religion, Commander Mak Chishty, said: “Any death following police contact is a tragedy. Police are determined to continue to improve the way that people are cared for in custody. There has been significant work to ensure safer detention of people and have seen the number of deaths in custody more than halve in the last ten years.

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